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Our yarn is processed and processed. Our company, along with yarn production, exports yarn to textile companies in Uzbekistan and to developed European countries. Refined yarns meet international standards.

Our company is equipped to produce cotton yarn, which produces up to 20,000 tons per year.

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The first stage was the development of production - the foundation of any company that intends to work in the market actively and long term. Therefore, within 7 years, the company built, launched and developed enterprises, which today formed into a production group. Heatherning Technology Baht Navoi is Manufactured On 100% Cotton Packages With Compact, Penier, Card, Open Designation (Pryaja)


Textiles in the world market have the same significance and play the same role as oil. Because it produces products as a first necessity (clothing and footwear), and the second (home textiles), and the third (fashion accessories). Thanks to this, textiles, like oil and gas, have the widest application in the world production of consumer goods.

    Carding Machine

    Equipment for processing the transformation of fibrous textile raw materials. High profitability!


    We are equipped with equipment that meets all standards.

Uzbekistan's own natural resources that provide environmentally friendly and 100% natural raw materials, as well as the huge production created by all world standards, make Uzbek textile a strategic resource capable of influencing world markets.

    Fantasy yarn

    This is a melange yarn made by mixing natural fibers with synthetic metallized yarns of different texture.

    Shaped yarn

    Fancy yarn is called a special spinning yarn, yarn obtained by mixing different in color and quality fibers, as well as yarn made using special technology.

short about yarns

Our yarns are made of high quality, fine-grained cotton.

  • Cotton fiber

  • Hemp derived from the stem of hemp

  • Liocele is ideal for knitting shawls