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Manufactured products

A stern canvas - the volume of production of 10 000 tons per year.

Painted linen - production volume of 10 000 tons per year.

Dyed yarn - production volume of 2 000 tons per year.

Rotational printing - production volume 4 000 tons per year.

The factory is equipped with modern sewing machines, which are used for sewing and the process of finishing products - embroidery, color printing.

We will be happy to make your life more pleasant, providing you with quality and inexpensive textile products. We work with suppliers directly, so we are ready to offer you the lowest prices for textiles! In addition, you do not have to wait long - in our warehouse there is always a big assortment!

Blended fabrics with the addition of high-tech materials (polyester, elastane) satisfy the needs of the most demanding buyers.

The basic assortment of cotton and mixed fabrics includes more than 50 items: ribbon (card / combed), lacost (peak, card / combed), interlock (carded / combed), foiled with fleece and without fleece , velor, selanik.


Призводства трикотажных изделий и окраска трикотажного полотно


• Color Service - automatic dispenser (Italy)

• Thies - dyeing equipment (Germany)

• SSM – rewinding machines (Switzerland)

• Fadis - winding machine (Italy)

• Dornier - Mercerization (Germany)

• Dilmenler - dyeing equipment (Turkey)

• Ferrari - Ironing Machines (Italy)

• Bruckner - Drying Machine (Germany)

• Beneks - Slitting Machine (Turkey)

• Zimmer - rotary printing press (Austria)

• Zancaner - packaging automation (Italy)

• Santex AG - drying machine (Switzerland)

• Angladar - continuous tumbler (Spain)

• Fimat - automatic dispenser (Italy)

• Datacolor - laboratory (USA)

• Stork - laser engraving (Holland)

• James H Heal - Laboratory Equipment (UK)

• Mesdan - laboratory equipment (Italy)

• Corino - Slitting Machine (Italy)

• Biancalani - continuous tumbler (Italy)

• Has Group - drying machine (Turkey)

• Lafetuk - quilting, shearing machine (Turkey)

• GuvenCelik - quality control machine (Turkey)


The company's production activities cover the entire range of the cotton industry - from the production of cotton fibers from local high quality raw materials to the packaging of finished products.

    In this company sewing machines can produce up to 25 tons of various materials per day.

    We have CANLAR MECHATRONICS fabric dyeing trunks imported from abroad, which allows our company to dye up to 30 tonnes a day.

The company offers a wide range of knitted fabrics from its own warehouse, as well as the possibility of making canvases for individual orders of sewing companies.

The current range of canvases, technological equipment of knitting and dyeing production opens unlimited possibilities in the implementation of fashionable design solutions, expands the commercial potential of network operators in the market of knitted garments.

    Our company has a rotary oven and can handle up to 7 tonnes a day, as you want. These are jet, pigment, fiber, and we have rotations and drinks.

    To date, the capacity of the shop for yarn dyeing per day is up to 4-5 tons. per day.

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Main exporting countries

Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Korea, Armenia, Poland, Turkey, Italy