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Manufactured products

Finished knitwear - production volume of 12,000,000 pieces per year.

The factory is equipped with modern sewing machines, which are used for sewing and the process of finishing products - embroidery, color printing.

One important rule, the yarn should be made of natural fibers, composed of 70% of natural wool (even alpaca, mohair, cashmere, silk, cotton) at least. When 100% natural fiber, even better. Otherwise it will not be painted. The dye does not sit on the synthetic fiber. This is only in factory conditions.

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• Yamato - sewing equipment (Japan)

• Juki - sewing equipment (Japan)

• Brother - sewing equipment (Germany)

• Shima Seiki - flat knitting equipment (Japan)

• Siruba — sewing equipment (Taiwan)

• Tajima – embroidery machines (Japan)

• Gerber – automatic cutting equipment (USA)

• Walz W – machines for textile printing (Germany)

• Pegasus — sewing equipment (Taiwan)

• DTG – direct digital printing of textiles (Turkey)

• Pailung – knitting machines (Taiwan)

• SSM – rewinding machines (Switzerland)

• Malkan – ironing table and iron (Turkey)

• Alba – ironing table and iron (Turkey)


The basic assortment of cotton and mixed fabrics includes more than 50 items: ribbon (card / combed), lacost (peak, card / combed), interlock (carded / combed), foiled with fleece and without fleece , velor, selanik.

    - We can clothe all kinds of clothes.

    - Highly skilled designers can make clothes in any style to order of the client.

    - We are equipped with equipment that meets all standards.

    - Our highly skilled managers serve high-level customers.

The method of continuous quality control is applied in production. Absolutely all materials used for clothes making, semi-finished products and ready-made garments are subject to continuous control in order to detect visual defects.