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Manufactured products

Finished knitwear - production volume of 300,000 pieces per month.

The factory is equipped with modern sewing machines, which are used for sewing and the process of finishing products - embroidery, color printing.

The company's production activities cover the entire range of the cotton industry - from the production of cotton fibers from local high quality raw materials to the packaging of finished products.

The method of continuous quality is applied in production. Absolutely all materials and fabrics used for making clothes - semi-finished products and ready-made garments are subject to continuous control in order to detect defects in appearance.


• Yamato - sewing equipment (Japan)

• Juki - sewing equipment (Japan)

• Brother - sewing equipment (Germany)

• Shima Seiki - flat knitting equipment (Japan)

• Siruba — sewing equipment (Taiwan)

• Tajima – embroidery machines (Japan)

• Gerber – automatic cutting equipment (USA)

• Walz W – machines for textile printing (Germany)

• Pegasus — sewing equipment (Taiwan)

• DTG – direct digital printing of textiles (Turkey)

• Pailung – knitting machines (Taiwan)

• SSM – rewinding machines (Switzerland)

• Malkan – ironing table and iron (Turkey)

• Alba – ironing table and iron (Turkey)